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Lipocontour Ultrasound Body Cavitation






Lipocontour Ultrasound Body Cavitation & Skin Tightening (Cellulite removal & body contouring)  is a relaxing body sculpting treatment with no anesthesia, no scars, no discomfort, no down-time and presents a risk free alternative to Liposuction. The result is instant loss of Fat Cells, this is accomplished by using leading edge technology that converts fat cells into liquid that can then be naturally absorbed and removed by the body's own natural filtration system. 

Lipocontour Ultrasound Body Cavitation & Skin Tightening is the new most evolved system for the treatment of adipose areas of cellulite and best part is that it's a non-invasive treatment in which ultrasonic waves are emitted to cause what are known as cavitation (tiny bubbles) in fatty tissue. Cavitation destroys the fatty tissue, while leaving all other tissues intact. It is able to target the fatty tissues only by operating at a specific, narrow band of frequency. Once the fatty cells die off, they are absorbed into the blood stream and excreted in your urine. There is no down time, and results are usually seen with even the first treatment. 


Only a few treatments may be needed for a brilliant performance. We help women with fat deposits on the belly, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms, bra-edge, double chin, etc. No injections or other interventions are needed, no anesthesia, no antibiotic treatment, and you can immediately return to your normal activities. The  Lipocontour Ultrasound Body Cavitation & Skin Tightening method is the new and revolutionary must have treatment and is increasingly replacing liposuction methods of surgical elements.




Treatment Information:

The treatment lasts about 30 to 60 minutes, it is a relaxing experience with no known side effects and In some cases the result can be seen immediately and depending on individual clients, most will only need between 3-6 treatments (individuals can have up to 12) with interval of time between procedures for best results.




Removes fat from stomach, waist, thighs, hips, back, thighs, arms, face, cheecks, etc.

Reduces cellulite and can tighten skin and sculpt the body by lifting the jaw, chin, breasts and booty.

Helps shape the body that will give you a beauty boost to jump start the re-newed "most beautiful YOU!"

Our Recommendations:

Immediately after the treatment you should take a brisk walk or similar exercise. To get the maximum effect of the treatment you should drink plenty of water for 24 hours before and after the treatment, at least 1.5 liters per day. Minimize the intake of carbohydrates and fat 24 hours before the treatment to burn and secrete fatty acids and glucose. The exercise carried out afterwards should be powerful. The alternative is a deep massage that can be booked in connection with the treatment.

How it works:

The range of energy is wide and is designed for rubbing, the dynamic energy is sent straight to deep skin compared to the high frequency,  Lipocontours hand-piece has a bigger vibration you can feel as it transcends the energy more deeply. The Lipocontour hand piece generates 28,000 micro-vibration per second. It has been expressively designed to perform reduction of adipose areas of cellulite, with results that can easily be compared to surgical liposuction. 


The treatment should not be seen as a substitute for other weight-reducing measures but as an additional aid to a good diet and exercise regimen. 


Reduced weight, firm and tight skin create a more attractive body that improves self-image and will increase your motivation to make it easier to get started on a healthier lifestyle. 


Results may vary, please take into consideration our recommendations and understand that this is not a substitute for other weight-reducing measures.


Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs

Q: What does the Lipocontour Ultrasound Body Cavitation treatment entail?

A: A pain-free and relaxing effective treatment that is a straightforward and pleasant experience. After lying down on the comfy spa bed, a gel is applied to the skin of the area being treated, the equipment is then placed onto the skin, gliding with the aid of the gel along the treatment area. After a few minutes of treatment you will actually be able to feel the treatment "work". Your skin will gradually become contracted, tightened and firmer during the treatment, while the increase in circulation deep inside the skin will offer you a feeling of invigoration and health. 


Q: How many treatments do I need for effective cellulite reduction/skin tightening/fat removal?
A: Most clients need 6-12 sessions, however, this is a case-to-case basis, and some clients may require more or less based on their specific needs.


Q: What happens to the fat released by the cavitation or radio frequency treatment?
A: Fat released by radio frequency and cavitation can be oxidized for energy in the muscles and other tissues. stimulates the release of fat, in the form of triglycerides, by the fat cells (adipocytes). These triglycerides are taken up by the lymphatic vessels and the veins and end up in various body tissues (such as the muscles) where they can be burned (oxidized) for energy for eliminated from the body.


Q: How often should I receive treatment?
A: In most cases treatment is recommended once or twice a week (and at least once in two weeks) for 6-12 sessions. More frequent treatments (up to 3 times a week per area) can be received for faster results, i.e. before vacation, wedding, birthday, anniversary, or other important event.


Q: Are the results permanent?
A: Lipocontour or Ultrasound Body Cavitation & Skin Tightening  creates changes in the connective and adipose tissues that are very long lasting. The high-power ultrasound cavitation does not just release fat from the cells but it also physically breaks down a number of them through the processes of thermo lipolysis and cavitation, respectively. This means that a large part of the fat-reducing effects are very long lasting and with good healthy habits can last continually. 


Q: Do I need to do anything to prepare myself for the treatment?
A: Make the most of your treatment by eating healthily and exercising on the day of the treatment. It is a must that you drink plenty of water before the treatment at least one and a half liters, before and after. This treatment does release fat from the cellulite tissues into the bloodstream. Therefore it is essential that on the day of the treatment you eat vegetables, salads, and very lean protein (i.e. fish, chicken/turkey breast etc.) in order to burn the released fat and make the most of your treatment. Any type of starch (including good carbs such as brown rice, brown bread, potatoes, pasta, etc.), sugary foods and drinks (such as cakes, croissants, muffins, coffee/tea with sugar or honey etc.), fruits (including fruit juices, carrot juice and smoothies), alcohol, and fat of any kind (including oils, nuts, seeds and cheese) are not allowed on the day of your treatment, to prevent the body form re-depositing excess fat back into the fat cells. Furthermore, exercise before or after the treatment is ideal for even more pronounced results. 


Q:  How do I maintain the results?
A: The fat/cellulite-reducing effects of the treatment can be maintained almost indefinitely if a healthy lifestyle is followed. On the other hand, fatty/sugary food, alcohol and inactivity can slowly lead to deposition of new fat and cellulite, so to make the most of your investment you are advised to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Maintenance treatments once a month, or touch-up courses once a year may be desired. If an average healthy, or less than healthy, lifestyle is followed, maintenance treatments once a month are recommended. Alternatively, some women opt for a refresher course of 6~12 sessions every year, usually before summer holiday. 


Be your most beautiful you ! 


We happily offer a Free Consultation prior to treatments 


Treatment Options:

30 Mins (2 Areas) for $100 (Reg $200)
60 Mins (4 Areas) for $200 (Reg $400) 


Treatments work best in a series- ask us about our packages as we offer wonderfully priced packages for any budget. 


A non-refundable half down deposit is required upon booking Lipocontour sessions.

Treatment restrictions may apply and are at the discretion of our licensed aestheticians as contraindications foe being able to receive treatment (restricted from use) and would include pregnancy, pace maker, heart disease, unbalanced blood pressure, coronary artery dysfunction and/or grade 11-111 obesity.  You may be asked to provide medical clearance from a doctor.




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