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Feather Stroke Eyebrows





Feather stroke eyebrows/ microblading is a semi-permanent, cosmetic, gentle, tattooing done by implementing beautiful color pigment into the upper layer (epidermis) of the skin. By using a small, handheld artist tool, to create the most natural, tiny hair like strokes. This procedure is done in two sessions. The initial appointment will determine the perfect color pigment to match your natural brow as well as your skin tone and perfect structure. The second session is done within 4-8 weeks to go over any hair strokes that have not retained the pigment as well as make any additional changes as needed or desired to create the perfect brows. These new beautiful, feather stroke perfect eyebrows will last between 8 months- 2 years depending on each individual.  






 $500 ( add shading +$50) Touch up 

Touchup 6-9 Months $250 & 12-24 Months $300+

Ombre Powder Eyebrows

This procedure is much like the featherstroke brows except there is shading that creates more

of a makeup look. This is also a good option for oily or thinning skin.



$50 1st Touchup (within 4-8 weeks)


$250 Refresher Touchup 6-9 Months

$400 to Full price After 24 months

(Price is depending on touch up needs)



 Your appointment includes:

*Thorough Consultation.

*Eyebrow shaping and color charting.

*Microblading treatment.

*A perfecting treatment session included or available at additional charge.

*Aftercare consultation & a take home treat



Restrictions do apply, ask for details. A half down, non-refundable, deposit is required upon booking

and is good towards original booking date and time ONLY no exceptions.



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